Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Super 8 (June 10, 2011)

What a lazy poster, as if an inverted lense-flared horizon and two Jewish Hollywood phony's names are supposed to draw me in.

J.J. will never be Spielberg. Fuck him for making terrible Star Trek films that the franchise will never over come. I truly believe his Star Wars movie is doomed to failure (i.e. I will think it sucks worse than the existing post Jedi EU).

Elle is inferior to Dakota in almost every way.

Marooned (November 10, 1969)


Why all prisoners Scottish?

Cool space action.

Unnecessary and redundant location titles, font same as credits = confusing.

Frenetic pacing and rushed editing.

Found myself not caring about characters nor simplistic plot.

One liners for action movies were outlawed in 1999, right?

War of the Worlds (June 29, 2005)

Spielberg and divorce.

Good special effects with comprehensible action. Michael Bay should have learned.

Fanning sisters.

Reference to God saving the day not completely removed.

Most intense and frightening PG-13 film. Shame Jew Spielberg too commercial to make a truly dark picture.

Aliens look stupid, like friendlier version of Alien ones.

War of the Worlds (August 26, 1953)

A lot of references to God, in that the worshippers in the church seemingly bring about the deus ex machina that is the biological downfall of the space invaders from Mars.

Produced in the 1950s, the hilarity of the square dance as the social gathering taking place when the technology stops due to the aliens is quite telling, and conjures images of the Lawrence Welk program. That level of innocence that existed contrasts well with the apocalyptic nature of the ensuing narative.